Insanity Inc is a currently a one-man company specializing in turn-based games and everything RPG and magic related. Drawing inspiration from classic games (both tabletop and digital) and combining it with clever innovations we strive to forge unique and memorable player experiences. Video games are art and art is meant to convey an impactful experience onto players, something that seems to have been forgotten in the modern age of AAA sequels with improved graphics and dumbed down gameplay. While we might not be perfect ourselves and the world is rarely black and white, we will always strive to adhere to our code of morality:

  1. Keep a transparent development process. If you are not proud to show the game you are making then why are you making it in the first place?
  2. Keep away from pay walls. While we are a company and money is required to keep doing what we do, we will never exploit the player by cutting up the main game in a 100 little pieces and selling them to him for 9.99 each
  3. Piracy will happen so we will turn pirates into fans with good games, we won’t turn players into pirates with obnoxious over the top DRM schemes

Our end goal is to make enough amazing games and get big enough that one day we can buy all major game companies and force our pro-consumer morality code onto them. That and starting our own brand of waffles ’cause waffles are amazing and tasty.