Young mage, you are alone. Before you lie your opponents; masters of the arcane, weavers of mystic energies and tamers of the elements. They stand between you and your ultimate goal. Some of them, tempted by promises of perfection, have turned to alchemy. Some have tamed time itself with magic so ancient its origins have faded to legend. And some who have been blessed by the elements have used their gifts to turn themselves into avatars of destruction. All of them must fall before you as you climb the tower of Babel.

SpellCraft is an online turn-based magic combat game inspired by indie hits such as Magicka and Puzzle Quest, in which two mages test their skill and luck in a match to the death. The game revolves around gathering elements from a match-3 board and using them to cast the spells cards stored in your tome. The game features an action point system, where the player uses action points each turn to gather elements on the match-3 board and uses them to cast spells, similar to the mana system in Hearthstone. Additional action points can be gained by matching special time runes on the board in order to keep their turn going.

Each player can choose from five classes, each with unique play styles and mechanics, and can pick from five different spell types in order to create their own unique strategy to reduce their opponent to ashes. The Elements can be combined to create new, more powerful versions that increase the effectiveness of your spells. Additionally, some classes have access to special elements that can be either combined with base elements or used on their own to create unique effects that can shift the tide of the battle.

Each class has two distinct play styles that can be mixed and matched for maximum effect.

Blood Mage
Blood Mages have committed the ultimate taboo in order to attain more power.
Their spells are fuelled by their own blood. This class has access to the special element ‘Blood’, which can be added to the board, and combined with any base element to dramatically increase their power.
Armed with this and a plethora of forbidden curses to cast on their opponent, these arcane deviants are not to be taken lightly.

Eldritch Knight
While others turn to forbidden secrets, the eldritch knights have gained mastery of their body and mind in order to make themselves into living weapons.
They are the only class who, due to their battle forged reflexes, are able to counter enemy attacks with powerful magic of their own.
This, when combined with their range of defensive barriers and buffs, render the Eldrich Knight a true juggernaut on the battlefield.

Alchemists have refined the art of combining elements to an exact science. By doing this they have managed to invent a series of concoctions with effects ranging from collecting large amounts of elements on the board with explosions to trapping elements in crystal, or even transmuting one element type into another.
But this is but a step in their plan, as their ultimate goal is creating quintessence, a perfect element with a destructive power never witnessed before.
If their opponent is not killed by one of their many bombs and potions, once an alchemist transmutes quintessence, chances of survival become very slim.

Blessed by the elements themselves, these are mages that possess a natural affinity for the base
elements, which lets them awaken new buffs and debuffs on their spells, based on which mode they enter. Elementalists have access to an overload mechanic, where they can imbue their spells with an extra effect that can change a useless spell into something truly deadly.
Elementalits must be careful, though, because while it does make their spells stronger, overload makes the spell less stable and adds a chance of misfire. Despite this risk, there are few that can withstand the Elementalist power when they unleash their cataclysmic wrath.

Time Mage
Time, the most immutable thing has become their toy.
These mages can manipulate time to give themselves action points, skip opponent turns, or even change causality to alter the flow of elements on the board.
Their attacks are unpredictable – they can lie dormant after being cast and are only triggered under certain conditions. At its ultimate level, their magic can even reverse the effects of
an opponent’s spell as well as the state of the board.

Some might think that Time Mages are godlike, but they are mere mortals playing with time, each of their spells has a side effect that counterbalances the way they affected the natural order. Ignoring this risk, they press on. By the time their opponent has come to realise their weaknesses, the Time Mage has already won.

Forge your magic, claim your destiny and fight, young mage, for only one can climb to the top of the tower of Babel and claim that which mankind has sought since its creation. Your time is now. May luck and skill be on your side.

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